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1306 NW Hoyt St #411
Portland, OR 97209

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Naturopathic Medicine, Neurotherapy

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Functional Neurology

Too often many neurological conditions are addressed by medical neurology with a wait-and-see or medication approach. The problem with medication is that it often doesn't address the cause and can mask the symptoms. With a wait-and-see approach brain function and health can continue to decline and time is wasted. A functional neurology exam identifies subtle imbalances which provide information as to what areas of the brain, brainstem or peripheral nervous system are under-functioning or compromised. These imbalances cause symptoms that interfere with quality of life and can worsen over time if not corrected. Functional exercises or specific brain tasks that target the compromised areas are given to the patient to help improve and restore function. Functional neurology addresses significant neurological dysfunction such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, loss of balance or memory, and helps to prevent these increasingly common conditions. Giving the right stimulus to restore better brain function proves to have profound benefit in treating attention deficit, depression, anxiety, cognitive health, gastrointestinal issues, immune health, coordination, movement, and more. 

Dr. Thomas holds a diplomate in functional neurology from the American Functional Neurology Society, completed training in the functional neurology of childhood developmental disorders, and continues training through the Carrick Institute of Functional Neurology.