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1306 NW Hoyt, Suite 411
Portland, OR 97209

1306 NW Hoyt St #411
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 248-1182

Naturopathic Medicine, Neurotherapy

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Publications by Dr. Thomas

Dr. Thomas has published a series of informational pamphlets on the foods we eat and their effects on our long-term health.

These pamphlets can be ordered in bundles of 50 directly from this web site. Healthcare practitioners are invited to purchase these valuable resources to give to their patients.

Dr. Thomas has also written a 60-page manuscript which details why grains and wheat are not ideal foods for human health. The book is entitled "Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Exposing the detrimental impact of grains on human health: A Nutritional and Evolutionary Perspective." The book has educated hundreds of readers (both health practitioners and non-practitioners), and gives clear and complete information that is not commonly known about grains. Many have responded to say that this book was instrumental in helping to change their diet, and that the changes are making very significant improvements in their health. To find out more or to purchase the book, click on the links below.

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