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1306 NW Hoyt, Suite 411
Portland, OR 97209

1306 NW Hoyt St #411
Portland, OR 97209

(503) 248-1182

Naturopathic Medicine, Neurotherapy

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Applied Kinesiology

AK is a functional diagnostic and treatment system that treats the whole person, holistically, by uncovering and treating both body and mind dysfunction and distress. AK treats the three foundational areas of health: structural, biochemical and emotional. It also improves the lymphatic, vascular, and nervous systems and the subtle energies of health by balancing acupuncture meridians. Dr. Thomas’ work addresses the whole interrelated system. AK is a powerful modality that uncovers the root causes of dysfunction and identifies the corrective treatments needed to repair and heal.

AK is effective for:

  • Disease prevention and recovery - optimizing health and performance

  • Organ and gland repair and health – thyroid, adrenal, and hormonal problems

  • Resolving stuck emotions and stress

  • Improving brain function and learning

  • Discovering individual nutritional needs and food sensitivities

  • Pain, injuries, sprains, loss of function, limited range of motion, and spinal and joint misalignment

Dr. Thomas has extensive training in applied kinesiology and structural manipulation, and uses Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) and Nutrition Response Testing (NRT). She is a member of the ICAK-USA which sets the professional standards for the education, practice and research of AK physician members.


Dr. Thomas is an amazing doctor. She really takes the time to understand what's going on with my body and why I have the symptoms that I do. I always feel better when I leave her office.



After almost two weeks of very uncomfortable UTI symptoms, trying several modalities including antibiotics, herbs, diet, hydrotherapy, energetic clearing, and everything else I could think of, I met with Dr. Thomas, who used applied kinesiology to adjust my body for structural mis-alignments and test for the right nutraceuticals. The symptoms went away within hours and the kidney glandular my body tested positive for brought elevated mood and energy in addition to strengthening my body to keep the UTI away. Amazing! I am incredibly grateful for Dr. Thomas's vast repertoire of skills and knowledge.


Dr. Thomas is intuitive and caring. She comes with many healing skills. I had a problem with shoulder pain and loss of range of motion. Both were significantly improved after a couple of sessions. 


I slipped on some rocks when I accidentally stepped off the sidewalk, and I fell backwards, landing on my coccyx very hard. It was painful to walk, especially up and down stairs, and I couldn't even get comfortable when I was sitting. I got immediate relief from one session with Dr. Thomas, and after a second treatment the next day, the pain and stiffness was gone for good. 


I never had allergies before moving to Portland. Since living here, I have been to 4 physicians, none of whom have been able to completely address my allergy symptoms or the root cause of my allergies. Using AK and with her nutritional expertise, Dr. Thomas is the only doctor to eliminate the constant sneezing, throat irritation, itchy, watery eyes and asthma attacks. Now I can be active outdoors again. Thank you!